Klopp louds Christian Pulisic with a tactical advantage

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Liverpools boss Jurgen klopp, on Christian Pulisic.

Jurgen klopp louds Christian Pulisic following his responsive display. The Liverpool’s boss also did well in noting a chance of working with the young star most possibly in the nearest future.

In recent times, particularly 18 months back Christian Pulisic as been linked to both Manchester United and Liverpool for a transfer and new deal. While the winger was asked about it his response was filled with depth of gentleness.

It’s not new that the Liverpool boss Jorgen klopp is a strong fan of the American as well as the owners of the Reds, it follows that the team board has no issue with going through with the signing and charges placed along with it.

Klopp mentioned to the press crew:

“Yeah, he has a contract at Dortmund. That’s the first problem,” he told reporters.

“I know Christian, I liked him since he was a kid.

“He’s a fantastic player, it’s deserved people think highly of him, in Germany it’s the same.

“If he wants to play in England he has the chance to do so but he’s at a really good club already.

“He had not his best season last year but he was a decisive player but it’s important, there’s no rush, that’s good and he wants to be the best Pulisic he can be.

“If he joined us, I don’t know. I like him, but we respect contracts and there’s no market I know about him.

“We did our business and Dortmund did theirs. All good.”

Earlier in July the Spurs were said to had tabled the sum of £50 million for Christian Pulisic.

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