Man City Boss Claims His Boys Will Set New Record

Man City lifting the Premier League Cup after a successful season

Sheikh Mansour, Manchester City boss has declared he is still has great ambitions for club counting his 10 years tenure as the chief of the club. Sheikh Mansour had boasted that the Either club can become the world’s greatest club and as well set “new standards” in football.

Last season Manchester City became the club in the leagues history to lift the cup with a perfect score, claiming the title with a recording seeing 100 points. This caused the team a lot of appraisal both locally and internationally.

However Manchester City is yet to win the UEFA Champions League regardless it’s owners continues investment. Nonetheless Sheikh remains headstrong over the team making a rather astonishing game play and further set records in years to come.

“The journey for City was always about trying to complete our work in a way that saw us achieve benchmarks that had yet to be set within football,” he told the Daily Mail.

“To do that we had to look at everything and make sure that every part of the organisation, and what it did, moved to a new standard for football.

“We’re not there yet but we have come a long way, and I think people who know me well will tell you that if we ever do look like we are getting there, we will set new standards and targets to aim for.”

Guardiola’s achievement for the team is one that has given Sheikh much joy and it’s one that he greatly appreciates.
“It’s beautiful, intelligent and passionate,” he said. “It’s the kind of evolved game that I had hoped we would one day achieve.”

When asked for the highlight of his tenure, sheikh choice was Man City’s FA Cup semi final win over Manchester United in the year 2011.

“That was the moment I knew we had arrived at a new level in our climb to where we wanted to be,” he said.
“The team was deliberate in its performance that day. I don’t think I ever felt nervous, simply because the team were playing with the right mentality.”

He also added city’s success over QPR in 2012. A dramatic win it was with the 3-2 final score sheet. City scored two goals at the dying minutes of the second half to switch the win over. Taking away the crown from United who stood on Sunderland’s pitch ready to celebrate.

“The QPR game for me was exactly as it was for everyone else,” he said. “I don’t think we will ever see anything like that again. My hope was that we would compete for the Premier League every year, so it was a feeling that I knew we had to get used to quickly.”

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