Sarri makes friends of rivals

Chelsea’s new boss Sarri, is a great addition to the team. Apparently both the management and the fans aggre.  Sarri has taken on Premier League and all involved and things cancbe said to be going well as the blues have lost two matches so far.

Sarri while in talk with  Gazzetta dello Sport, hehmentione te  English football league is “the top” of the game and showered fellow team coaches with praises.

Sarri tagged Manchester United boss Mourinho “extraordinary” he also stated how his conversation with Jurgen klopp helped him realise his move to the EPL made him “reach the top”.

Sarri’s unbeaten 12 games run in the premeir league has given a new record.

Sarri further said his discussion with klopp:
“At one point I turned to him [Klopp] and saw that he was smiling.

“I approached and asked him why.
“He told me ‘I’m having a good time, you?’ ‘Me too,’ I replied.

“Here, when you live these situations, you realise that you have reached the top.”

Sarri is pleased to name klopp the premier league boss he feels closest to and has warm words for Mourinho and the Arsenal boss Unai Emery.

“I feel closer to Klopp from a philosophical point of view,” Sarri said “The exchange of words between us seems to me to be exemplary.

“Mourinho is a man of extraordinary human qualities. He made an excellent impression on the day of the Stamford Bridge match when the incident involving one of my assistants occurred.

“On a professional level, there is little to say: he has won everything and everywhere.

Emery is a scholar and an excellent professional. The offensive organisation of his football is of the highest level.”

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